When the menu opens Friday afternoons, you can log into your account and get started on your order for the upcoming week.

Start by choosing the Box that you would like on the first page. You can click ORDER NOW and the Box will add to your cart just like it is. Or, click the Details button to customize your Box with swaps and to see more details about the items in the Boxes. (See: How to Swap)

After customizing your Box, add it to your cart then proceed to the Add-on items. Here we have Bundled items, more produce items to add, and lots of artisan goodies. Make your selections by adding items to your cart. Items will disappear from the menu list once added to your cart. View details about the items by hovering over the ? and remember your favorites by clicking the heart to the left. If anything is sold out, a pop up box will let you know and you can choose to opt in if we are able to get more! 

You can view your Cart at any time by clicking Cart at the bottom left. You can update quantities, remove items, or just review what you have placed in your cart. 

When finished building your order, Click CHECKOUT to view your Box. If all looks well, click SUBMIT. You will receive an order confirmation email, and charges will finalize Sunday evening after the menu closes at 9pm. (You can modify your order up to that deadline.)

Here's a helpful video on placing an order: