A customized Box allows you to choose exactly what you want to receive. View the video below on ordering a customized "Build Your Own" Box. Step by step instructions are below the video!

1. At the top of the Choose your BOXES page, You will see the Build Your Own Box.  Click START BUILDING

2. Select the items you want in your Box from the ADD-ONS page. Use the search field or use the filter categories to find what you need. Or just browse through everything!

3. Click ADD to add items to your Box

4. Done making your selections? Click CHECKOUT at the bottom right-hand corner of the page

5. Verify your order is correct, add a tip for your Neighborhood Ambassador if you wish, and click SUBMIT

The minimum amount of items required for a Build Your Own Box is $17 + delivery fee. The more items you add to your box, the lower the delivery fee.  Once you hit $32.01, your delivery fee is waived!  The chart below shows the different delivery fees based on how much is in your box: 

$17 - $22.99 = $10
$23.00 - $26.50 = $5.50
$26.51 - $32.00 = $3.00
$32.01 and up = FREE