Our new menu now has the option for 2 swaps! Select your swaps for the Box you want to order then add everything to your cart. See this quick video on two swaps for a Harvest Box!

  1. Click Swaps, Details & Recipes button on the Box you want

  2. Click the Swap button on the item(s) you want to Swap out

  3. A pop-up will appear with choices of items to Swap in

  4. Click the Swap button on the item you want to Swap in

  5. You should see your Swap noted on the item you wanted out

  6. Do it again if you’d like! You can swap 1-2 items for only $0.99

  7. Don’t forget – you still have to click the ADD TO CART button to order this Box after you finish swapping!

*TIP: Our new site may still have a few kinks to smooth out. If you think your order is not correct, feel free to start over! Simply SKIP the week to remove the order entirely, then go back to the menu page, cancel the skip, and start fresh!