We are a subscription program, so we will send you a weekly Box automatically. If you wish to order something different, you will do so on our weekly menus during the weekend ordering period. 

All delivery fees are included in our curated Box options on our weekly menus. There is no minimum when you order a curated Box, just pick the one you want that week and Checkout! 

There is no obligation to order each week either. Simply SKIP the week that you do not want a delivery. 

The Build Your Own Box is a custom Box which will be the only type of Box that begins with a delivery fee. The pricing is tiered, so the more you order, the less the fee! There is a minimum of $23 to order a Market Box with a $5.50 delivery fee, If you add over $26 of items to your Box , the delivery fee will only be $3. Over $32.01 in your Box, the delivery fee is waived.