From award-winning peppers, berries, eggplant and heirloom tomatoes to lettuces, melons and cabbages, our farmers work hard to put food on your table. We are proud to work with over 100 farmers ALL across the state of North Carolina including Dave, Joe, Odis, John, Brent, Herbie, Cal, Cecilia, Glen, Jedd, Jimmy and Ryan shown here and MANY more!

Our farmers practice good agriculture (GAP) by using filtered or closed water systems and cover crops. They are good stewards of the land and are thoughtful and careful in how they farm. We love to tell our members their stories on our Facebook page and our blog — their farms, their families and their trials and triumphs as farmers in North Carolina. We want to help our members “know your farmer”! We always buy local first but do supplement with some regional and US produce throughout the year to make sure we have a good variety and selection of fruits and vegetables on our menu every week. Our facility is also inspected regularly by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture to make sure all foods we offer are safe, wholesome, properly labeled, stored, distributed and held under sanitary conditions.

Each year, our farm partners diversify more and more to grow an amazing amount of fruits and veggies for our members. This is good for the environment, and good for you. These friends help us all to eat healthier!