We guarantee the quality of all produce and products you receive. If you have a quality concern, please let us know and we will be more than happy to issue you a credit for the item.

We also have the option to request a credit in your account for an item that isn't quite up to par in your Box

To request a credit for ONE item follow the instructions below.  

**If you are requesting a credit for an artisan item, more than one item, or you don't see your item listed, please contact Member Solutions for further assistance.

1) Log into your member account and click on the "$ Need A Credit?" icon on the bottom banner of the screen

2) Click the Box from the list with the item you would like a credit for**

3) A pop-up window will appear listing the Box contents.  Click the green button at the top: Need a Product Credit?

4) Fill out the form with the issue, item, and description.

5) Click Submit and your credit is automatically added to your member account and will deduct from your next order payment.

*** You can also access the credit page by clicking on "NEED A CREDIT?" tab at the top of your member account screen.