Manage your Subscription

You're not locked into the same weekly Box. Every weekend, you can choose from 6-7 other curated Boxes, or create your own.

We've made it easy to manage your subscription with these options:

  1. Receive the Box you chose at sign-up every week, no action required.
  2. Change your Box, Add some more, Swap items out: You can always change up your order every week. Just make your choices before the weekly deadline from your Order Page
  3. Skip: Some weeks may be harder to find time to cook. We get it. You can skip any week, through the current calendar year. You can even choose to receive your Box on a Bi-weekly delivery schedule. Submit any schedule changes before the weekly deadline from your Skips page

Weekly Deadline

Your weekly order deadline is Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. At this time, the menu for the upcoming week will close and all orders will be finalized and charged.

Your Produce and Delivery

  • Your Box will arrive on your delivery day between 7am-5pm. To ensure happy veggies, please leave out a cooler with ice packs and your Neighborhood Ambassador will place your items inside. (NOTE: if your cooler is not large enough for your entire order, your coordinator will place the most fragile items in the cooler and leave the rest in the cardboard Produce Box.) 
  • Please return the cardboard Box along with the green quart/pint containers each week. Just set it out on delivery day and your ambassador will scoop it up when your next order is delivered. (NOTE: We cannot accept the return of any ice packs or silver insulated bags.)
  • A Box full of produce can be daunting sometimes. You can find some member favorite recipes on our Pinterest page. And check out our list of storage tips for all produce items HERE.

Add us to your contacts

To ensure TPB emails are sent to your inbox add and to your contacts list

Account Details

  • Visit your Profile page to:
    • View your Delivery Day and Ambassador contact information
    • Update your information any time

  • Visit your Payments page to:
    • View transaction history
    • View credits applied

  • Visit your Orders page to:
    • View your order history
    • Enter a Product Credit request

  • Visit your Skips page to:
    • Manage your delivery schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)
    • Skip one or more weeks individually
    • Change your weekly Produce Plan