*New Feature*

We've made it easier to update your delivery schedule automatically!! You can choose to have your Box delivered:






WEEKLY - You will receive your Weekly Plan Box every week.  

**Your account is automatically set to this schedule, unless you change it to Bi-Weekly.  

BI-WEEKLY - You will receive your Weekly Plan Box every other week. 

**To begin Bi-Weekly deliveries, you will need to select a START DATE. If you select a future start date,

any weeks prior to that start date will be skipped unless you manually open those weeks using the calendar.

The week you start, you WILL receive a delivery - subsequent skips will be placed every other week

MANUAL - You will receive a Weekly Plan Box on the weeks you choose.

**You may manually skip an upcoming delivery at any time using the calendar.  

You can also click the calendar to view all delivery weeks for the current calendar year.