It's Monday morning and you just got an email that your credit card was charged for a box you didn't order and didn't know you were getting.  

As indicated in our sign-up pages and new member welcome emails, our service is set up in such a way that If you do not log into your member account and skip OR place a different order, you will automatically receive your Weekly Subscription Box delivered to your desired location each week.  

Each week you have THREE options: 

1) Do nothing and receive your weekly subscription box

2) Place a Skip on your account and you won't receive any delivery (How do I SKIP a week?)

3) Place an order to REPLACE your weekly subscription box.  (How do I place an order?)

If you don't want your current order, maybe a friend or neighbor might enjoy your box?  We can also donate your box to our Feeding Families Program, a great way to help others in need.  Just contact our Member Solutions Team for assistance. 

How do I change/cancel my order after the order deadline?